Group:                                          Utility,FCI Group 9

Place of Origin:                           France,Russia and Germany

Original function:                          Retriever of game from water

Availability:                                  Reasonably easy but seek a reputable breeder.Due                                                      to popularity of the breed,a lot of indiscriminate                                                      breeding is taking place.Be prepared to wait for                                                      well bred and healthy puppy

Average life span:                           Up to 10-16 years

Height:                                          +- 28/38 cm

Weight:                                         +- 6 kg

Is the breed a natural guard dog?:  Yes

Good family dog?:                         Yes

Attitude to strangers:                      Aloof

Coat type:                                     Water-repellent,curly,hard topcoat,soft,woolly                                                             undercoat

Colour:                                         Wide range/solid colour's -                                                       black, blue, white, apricot, silver, brown and red

Compatibility with people/children:Perfect temperament,outgoing,fun,playful,loveable

Compatibility with other animals:   Excellent,especially raised with them

Grooming:                                     Often-requires regular grooming

Exercise:                                      Need both mental&physical

Easy to train:                                Very trainable,but very obedient even without                                                              training

Town or country:                         Either

Health:                                         Excellent.Are some known genetic disorders

Feeding:                                       High-quality dog food

Follow manufacturer's recommendations for age and weight.


Poodles can be fussy,

Character:                                    Highly intelligent,courageous,cheerful

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