Since 1986
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Hi,I'm Benjamin Dickson welcome and thank you for visiting my web page...

Allow me to provide you with more insight about myself. My home is in the Eastern Cape on the garden route in Uitenhage which is situated just out side Port Elizabeth

1986, 26 years ago (when I was only 16),I saw these two amazing Miniature French Poodles, one a black and the other a brown girl. Both of them were beautifully groomed and walking up and down, posing. Until today I am still able to visualize them vividly. I just  had to have one for myself.

With the R100-00 I had saved in my bank account, I bought my first black poodle whom I named Julie.My male poodle which I also bought at the time, was named Pepi. I bred black,white and silver didn't know much about the silver poodles or colour's or about poodles.When my first litter was born they produced black(silver) with white markings under neath their paws(feet).Slowly changing over months in to beautiful silver(s).Then I got Shiva's and Evening Mist both silver. Zara was next my first white girl and Leo a black boy.

Sadly they have passed on waiting at the end of the rainbow for me ...

They'll know their Masters voice when its my turn...

Now I have Master Rhodes a white boy,Silver Dollar a silver boy both my stud male's,Cushla a black girl,Misty my blue girl,Ellebella my sweet silver girl, but more a platinum(light white to grey),Diamonds my gorgeous white girl,She is my gorgeous black girl, you can see pictures of all girl in my Ladies page.

Together with much love from Mums and myself we breed and raise the most beautiful top quality healthy babies with excellent temperaments.

The colours I breed are White,apricot,cream,black,blue and silver making me the second breeder in South Africa to have all the different colour's in the Miniature poodles, only excluding brown and red but one of these days I will be producing these colour's.

I did show in the late 90's but stopped due to many politics those days, but all my poodles are from top quality breeding stock, champions and great great grandparents from overseas.My poodles,mums nor my puppies are in cages- a lot of my customers ask this. Feel free to contact/mail me for any info or advice. Thank you.

Take care      God bless

Once you have owned a poodle you’ll always own a poodle

Benjamin Dickson

0419227394 or 0721261802

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Group:                                          Utility,FCI Group 9

Place of Origin:                           France,Russia and Germany

Original function:                          Retriever of game from water

Availability:                                  Reasonably easy but seek a reputable breeder.Due                                                      to popularity of the breed,a lot of indiscriminate                                                      breeding is taking place.Be prepared to wait for                                                      well bred and healthy puppy

Average life span:                           Up to 10-16 years

Height:                                          +- 28/38 cm

Weight:                                         +- 6 kg

Is the breed a natural guard dog?:  Yes

Good family dog?:                         Yes

Attitude to strangers:                      Aloof

Coat type:                                     Water-repellent,curly,hard topcoat,soft,woolly                                                             undercoat

Colour:                                         Wide range/solid colour's-                                                                                          black,blue,white,apricot,silver,brown and red

Compatibility with people/children:Perfect temperament,outgoing,fun,playful,loveable

Compatibility with other animals:   Excellent,especially raised with them

Grooming:                                     Often-requires regular grooming

Exercise:                                      Need both mental&physical

Easy to train:                                Very trainable,but very obedient even without                                                              training

Town or country:                         Either

Health:                                         Excellent.Are some known genetic disorders

Feeding:                                       High-quality dog food

Follow manufacturer's recommendations for age and weight.


Poodles can be fussy,

Character:                                    Highly intelligent,courageous,cheerful


From as far back as the 12st to the 15th century,poodles have appeared in arts,on carvings and coins,and on the walls of Roman tombs.In modern times three countries emerge as being responsible for developing the breed. Germany,France and Russia. Developing them for specific purposes from game retriever,to retrieve fallen game from water.To elegant and although working dogs,they also made ideal companion dogs.With their easily-sculpted coats they also became popular fashion accessories.In France they are now the country's national dog.Well bred Poodle is a hardly,long-lived dog who revels in being a member of the family that appreciates his intelligence and versatility,involves him in their life,whether that life includes hiking through the bundus or strolling along the seashore. Highly intelligent,beautiful,willing to please and learn. Sociable,entertaining,loveable and as a plus,they do not shed their coats,making them ideal pets for allergic and asthmatic pet owners. Poodles are very versatile dogs that can be trained to perform anything from intricate circus tricks,to obedience,agility,fly ball,carting. Because of their intelligence they used as therapy and guide dogs in other countries.Also acclaimed by an American dog psychologist as being the most intelligent breed of dog. Affectionate family pets,loyal to their owner,very good watchdogs and excellent show dogs.Once you had a poodle you'll always have one.

Since 1986
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