Elle is just a bundle of love and can’t get enough of it!! If she does not get what she wants she will let you know, she can be assertive but has more than her share of love to give.

Misty is Strong willed and does whatever she wants lol, She is also the clown of the pack and always makes me laugh with her antics

Cushla is the oldest girl I have, she is the real leader of the pack.  She always inspect the new arrivals and makes sure all the puppies are doing fine, I sometimes need to talk the her because given the chance she will take over the motherly duties.


Benjamin Dickson


0419227394 or 0721261802

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Diamond is a real

softy and lady, she gives subtle gestures if something is wrong or if she wants something, and continues until I rectify it or give her the thing she’s looking for

I love all my Miniature Poodles equally, each one has their own personality and I love every second with them

Since 1986
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She has a great personality, and her daddy is a champion in the show ring.

She is just as her name may suggest a real girly girl.